Greyhawk City of ADVENTURE !!


Our Heroes Join the night watch.

In the evenings of Summer when the land and water temperatures are changing, a fog rolls in off the Lake. The fog is known as The Veil because, like a beautiful woman, it is both mysterious and deadly. It is a time when all good merchants keep close what is theirs, knowing that if they do not it will disappear into The Veil. It is also a time for pirates to slip from their secret caves, found in coves along the coast  and come into Ravens Bluff. It is a time of mirth, myth, mystery, and magic!Unable to join guilds or make a place for yourself, you've come to the one place where you think you can firmly entrench yourself: the City Guard. You're not sure you want to make this a life-time vocation; but it will give you the "in" you need to get off the streets and into a decent inn. Everyone knows that references from the City Guard are as good as gold …

Our Heroes protected the city and were awarded tabards of the watch :) 

Then set forth from the city to investigate the Tower of the Stargazer ! 



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