Greyhawk City of ADVENTURE !!



Almost a century ago, an ambitious wizard built himself a tower to view the stars. As time passed, he became obsessed with outer space and the want to travel there. Amassing all the information he could, eventually he made contact with beings from other worlds.
As his research went on, he lost touch with reality and the people around him. He became abusive and, at last, murderous. His head servant, who had hoped to become a wizard’s apprentice, could finally take no more. The wizard was experimenting with containment units to protect himself from otherworldly beings, and by contriving an accident, the servant caused the wizard to be trapped in his own protection circle. The servant then stole his master’s spellbook and departed.
For almost six decades now, the wizard has been trapped in the circle, unaging, going in and out of stasis , becoming more and more demented …  unable to so much as sit down.

Having Robbed the tower and delved its secrets… what will the Heroes do… set it up as an amazing wilderness base – from which to adventure from ? Or Just flee back to the insane bustle of Greyhawk ?



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