Wordsmith bard with a tongue as sharp as his blade.


STR: 11
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 13
CHR: 15

AC: 13
HP: 10

Rapier 4/1d82
Dagger 4/1d42

Vicious Mockery
Minor Illusion

Dissonant Whispers
Cure Wounds
Animal Friendship


My father was a humble fisherman and forced me into a fishy life of work which you hated, yet you learned TOOLS FISHING. I always had a way with words, finding the flaws in people (their appearance, character, etc), and used this to my advantage (or disadvantage depending on who you asked). As well annoying the local town folk with my tin whistle. I ran away and a day later the fishing village was attacked and wiped out by twisted mer people. I wandered about doing whatever odd/music jobs I could get, until you hunted down an evil cult demon priest guy and told the watch how to catch him. I am well known and loved with law enforcement.

Love going to taverns, mead halls, bars, pubs, etc. and regaling the locals of tall tales of my adventures, engaging in song and dance, as well as participating in contests of wit and verbal mastery with whoever dares, in which we recite insulting poems about each other while the audience decides who got the better of the exchange.

I hold a deep seated rage toward Mer people, as they destroyed my town and family.


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